Katy Perry Cocktease On Sesame Street Flashing Some Cleavage At Elmo


It seems parents weren't happy about Katy Perry's choice of see-through cleavage baring attire for a Sesame Street appearance in which she chased Elmo to a child-friendly version of her shit hit song 'Hot N Cold' and generally looked like an idiot. Sesame Workshop, which produces the long-running PBS children's show, cited an outcry from viewers who had seen Perry's video online in its decision to pull the segment. The shoe has a long history of working with celebrities across all genres, including athletes, actors, musicians and artists but nothing like this boobie bouncing segment.

She filmed the segment for Sesame Street in which she sang a duet with Elmo that was supposed to air on New Year's Eve. Well, it is not going to air anymore. Why you ask? Because apparently 3-year olds all over America were getting erections from the previews. The clip made its way to YouTube on Monday and recived nearly a million views. The show began receiving complaints like, "DUDE MY SON SAW THIS AND GOT A BONER WTTTTTTTTTF." And some parents started complaining her cleavage was too front and center. Among the parental include the comments, "great... porn for toddlers" and "my kid wants milk now." Is nobody safe from this huge breasted cocktease menace? The Daily Mail report:

The song – which was supposed to air on New Year’s Eve – made its way to YouTube on Monday, [but] after some parents started complaining her cleavage was rather too prominent, producers have decided not to air the song.

Despite Katy’s chest being concealed by a flesh-colored mesh, some of the commenter were outraged.

One commenter wrote: ‘You can practically see her [tits]. That’s some wonderful children’s programming.”

While another wrote: ‘They’re gonna have to rename it cleavage avenue.’

Yeah, that is a good idea, parents. Completely overreact and make your kid as uncomfortable as you possibly can when he sees breasts. That way, in 18 years when he's skinning women to make lampshades or masturbating in front of a daycare, you'll know that you've done your job. Because if there is one thing responsible for poisoning our children today, it is cleavage. Boobs are by far the least thing people need to worry their children are seeing these days! I will bet some would feel better if she was totally covered head to toe. Can we please get her a burka? What I am saying here is people should just be happy her gentiles are covered.

By the way, Katy Perry's camp is totally lying about her "chest being concealed by a flesh-colored mesh" First off, the mesh is clear and completely see-thru. Sorry to be redundant...but it is necessary here. Why the hell would someone lie about something on video? The flesh color you see is her fucking skin. Unless they recently started printing freckles and cleavage on outfits her tits are fully exposed and bouncing all over the place. Just go to YouTube and change the settings to watch the 720 HD version in full screen to see for yourself.

It is just like Katy Perry to cocktease on a children's show. Anyway, I think this Sesame Street cleavage incident is absolutely adorable. The worst thing that could happen is little girls are going to be like "hey mom, I want a see-through mesh top like Katie so that nice boys like Elmo will want to 'play' with me too!" Wow, that is terrible now that I have thought about it. You moms can thank Katy Perry for that... you know, the fact that your toddler want to be a skank now. Click on pictures to enlarge.

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Katy Perry (born Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara County, California, U.S.A.) is an American singer-songwriter. She has risen to prominence with her 2008 single "I Kissed a Girl" which has become a worldwide hit topping the charts in more than 20 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Ireland. In the United States, the song is also noted for being the 1000th chart-topper of the Rock Era. Katy has stated in the press that it's thanks to successful British singer-songwriters Amy winehouse and Lily Allen that America has been introduced to "great music". Perry has a contralto vocal range. www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com

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