Mikie Hara Has Some Fat Japanese Titties And Here Are The 105 Pictures To Prove It


Here is Mikie Hara posing in various bikinis, swimsuits and lingerie in several sets. Mikie is a "Japanese gravure idol" whatever the fuck that means, that seem to have made a great career showing the fatness of her boobs. I don't know why but I am fascinated with big tits on Japanese chicks. Even the fake ones too because they are so different from the Americanize fake tits elsewhere in the world. The fake ones from the "Land of the Rising Sun" look like they injected the silicone directly into the ladies' breast tissue. And while this might be totally unethical, it sure does make for a fine pair of tits. Anyway, I caught the idiots in the U.S. Congress ass raping the president of Toyota today on TV. And while I am all American, I would never choose a GM or a Ford over a Toyota (but I do prefer something German like a BMW).

Toyotas are going to have to kill a whole lot more than 34 people with their sticky
accelerator pedal to get me into a GM product over the competition from Toyota City. GM make soulless cars that are poorly put together with UAW workers. And cars are not the only thing the folks in Japan are better at doing. Have you seen some of what these chicks in America are calling their tits? I am assuming Mikie's boobs are fake but I can't really tell by sight alone. And that is a good thing these days because usually you can tell from a mile away with sand in your eyes. Bottom line, American plastic surgeons make soulless titties.

But we do still make awesome jet fighters and at the end of the day that will get you all the finest titties from around the world you could ever want. Over priced but still awesome. Americans make weapons with almost the attention to detail like how the Japanese make titties. If the Japanese figure out a way to weaponize titties we would be so totally screwed.
I think the folks at Toyota might want to take some resource away from titty development and focus on other thing like cars for a month or two. I am sure Mikie Hara's boyfriend won't mind waiting an extra month for the 2011 model. Click on pictures to enlarge.

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Mikie Hara (原 幹恵 Hara Mikie; born July 3, 1987 in Niigata prefecture, Japan) is a Japanese gravure idol and actress who stars in Cutie Honey The Live as the lead role of Honey Kisaragi/Cutie Honey.

According to Japanese company Oscar Promotion, Hara has worked in many TV roles, and has appeared in many DVD videos, several commercials, and several mooks. Cutie Honey The Live is her first leading role in a drama. In 2009, Mara competed in the eighth Kunoichi obstacle course competition, but was eliminated in the second round of play.

Mikie is one of the leading gravure models/idols. She has starred in Cutie Honey, the live series, as well as the movies Drift 3(later remade in the west as Fast and the Furious movies), The Last Mail series and currently Joo Virgin. www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com

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