Snooki Leaked Naked Picture Hit The Internet, More Coimng


Last week I tried to ignore the rumor that naked pictures of that skanky goblin known as Snooki were about to be leak. Oh, but look. Here is one now. The first of many apparently according to the source. They even set up a website to leak them one by one while earning some money. And if this preview photo and newly minted website are any indication, those rumored nude photos of that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from The Jersey Shore are on their way. The owners also claim there is a short video as well. There is an email address the site ( so I am guessing you can contact them through that if you are interested in buying the photos and/or the video. It is extremely surprising that was not already taken, but even more surprising that the owner has set aside three spaces for ads. If that orange goblin was sneaking up toward my bed like she is in the picture I would attack it with my shoe and try to kill it with fire. This website might not be the money-making extravaganza they’re hoping for. And unless Snooki just blew up all of a sudden for Jersey Shore, this can't be her. This girl's body look way less fat than Snooki's Snickers body.

But this alleged nude photo of Nicole Polizzi a.k.a. Snooki circulating online is causing quite a stir today. Who knows why, the girl isn't attractive at all... I would pay Snooki to put her clothes back on she is so bad. The only thing that make this interesting is because she is on a hit MTV reality show. Anyway, all this in spite of tweets from Snooki herself which read, "Idk where radar online comes up with their stories...weirdos," and "Like i said before about my supposed ’sex tape’…There are no nude pictures nor will there ever be. the tabloids just love snook gossip ;]" So, she has denied the existence of any sex videos, which have also been rumored, and says the pictures aren't real. But she could be lying. The girl in the leaked pic appear to be less fat than the Snooki seen on last season of Jersey Shore but we don't know when the nude picture was taken. The bedroom in this photo does resemble the bedroom Snooki has shown in pictures on her Twitter, so maybe it really is legit and she is a lying bitch goblin. By the way, Friday is the worse day to leak anything if you are looking for maximum publicity. So the folks behind are not that sophisticated or they are very new at this whole thing. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Here she is now:

And here she is being followed by paparazzi:




Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (born 1988 in Marlboro, New York, United States) is most famous for being a part of the MTV reality television series Jersey Shore. Nicole "Snooki" is a self proclaimed "guidette" from Marlboro, New York outside of Poughkeepsie and an aspiring veterinary technician. She describes her ideal man as one who fits the guido stereotype and enters the experience hoping to meet the man of her dreams. She is the center of controversy when a man punches her in her face during a bar confrontation.

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