Mischa Barton Just Wants to Get High These Days, Candid Paparazzi Evidence For The LAPD


Here is Mischa Barton smoking funny-looking cigarettes while driving in L.A. yesterday. Damn, this girl is just smoking her life away. Now I'm not going to accuse Mischa Barton of smoking marijuana in public while driving around in her 68 Caddy convertible, but she was playing a Dane Cook CD and actually laughing. Clearly she must be high. And in case you were wondering, this in fact the same Mischa Barton who got a DUI for driving high as shit a few years back and managed to make Lindsay Lohan even consider the concept of a "drug problem." And Mischa is still on probation from that DUI arrest in 2007. Barton went into rehab after her then and in 2009 she went to the psych ward at Cedar's-Sinai medical center in LA where she was reportedly also coached on sobriety again.

So congratulations Mischa, you're a fucking idiot! The LAPD should be visiting you soon enough because I am sure the Los Angeles DA doesn't appropriate you making him look like a moron. By the way, it is not so much the smoking weed, it's the getting stoned while driving a big ass car because shit like this is irresponsible. Well in her defense, she is not really driving as much as parked. But, we really don't know when she started so one can assume she was under the influence even before she step out of her home. And according to reports, she was seen driving erratically around town for hours while on her cell and making obscene hand gestures at motorists. I almost thought it wasn't her, she has gotten so fat. When she was the latest "it girl" a few years ago I thought she was too skinny but now is too big. Why can't we ever just have a happy median? P.S., this chick has a weird way of holding a roach. Click on pictures to enlarge.




Mischa Anne Marsden Barton (born January 24, 1986 in London, England) is a British-American film, television and stage actress perhaps best known for her role as Marissa Cooper in the American television series The O.C. www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com

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