Singapore Republic Polytechnic Malay Girl Leaked Topless Photos In Public Park


Because Singaporeans love a sex scandal with nudity here below is the latest controversial set of pictures in the news from the city-state. Apparently, this chick took a few nudie exposures in public in a park in Singapore with her boyfriend. She then posted it on her blog and from there it spread like fire. She was recently teased and taunted by a group of guys while still in class about the pictures. Supposedly she had no idea that her pics were flowing freely and spreading like wild fire from her blog. I guess she intended to share the set online with her boyfriend only but ended up sharing pictures of her boobs with the world. She has since privatized her blog though but it was too late. According to a tip off from a contributor, her school is Republic Polytechnic and she is a member of class: E36F. So now people from the Republic Poly are saying she is spoiling the reputation of the school by her leaked picture scandal.

I spent (wasted) a few minutes looking at girls from the E36F class at Republic Poly but because of the low-res of these leaked titty pictures I could not confirm an identity 100%. However, there are several candidates or possibilities in the class but will not be naming them as a result of the uncertainty. Based on info I got from the search for pictures of girls in the E36F class, she is either 18 or 19-years old judging from her peer group. Anyway, drop a line with or without info at if you have more pictures of this chick or if you have more or better resolution of the ones below. Sorry we didn't get these topless pictures up earlier, received them 3 days but decided to wait for another set of better quality. Send better res versions of these pictures ASAP so they can be posted here for everyone to enjoy!!! Click on pictures to enlarge.


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Thanks to several anonymous contributors.

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