Francia Raisa Rollerblading Bikini Pictures


Here is "The Secret of Life of the American Teenager" star Francia Raisa conveniently posing for the paparazzi in a bikini top and roller blades the same day her made for TV movie "The Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice" debuted. Unfortunately she is an idiot because the Internet doesn't work on Sundays, so all this attention whoring and awesome boobage was all for nothing. Unless they are capable of time travel or something because no one saw these hot bikini shots on Sunday. And speaking of things no one saw, I have never seen "Bring It On: All or Nothing" or "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" or heard of "The Cutting Edge: Fire & Ice" until I saw these pictures of her days later. So maybe she should have done this about Wednesday or at least one day before the premiere on ABC Family. But I like to thank ABC Family for the cleavage though and sexy Latina action. But they should have known better to send her out the day of the premiere especially if it is on a weekend. Anyway, I really love her low center of gravity body but she could probably stand to tone up her bod a little. But Francia can help me pitch a tent any day of the week. Click on pictures to enlarge.




Francia Raisa Almendárez (born July 26, 1988 in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.) is an American actress. She is also credited as Francia Raisa. Francia is most notable for her role in Bring It On: All or Nothing, where she plays a tough Latina cheerleader named Leti, and on The Secret Life of the American Teenager as the majorette Adrian Lee.

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