Rosie Jones Goes Topless Again In Nuts


Here is Rosie Jones topless and bottomless pictures in the new Nuts magazine. She is so nice when ever she takes off her clothes, we gotta post it. My obsession with Rosie Jones and her perfect boobs may soon require law enforcement officials to step in, so hopefully before then, I can take her to a nice dinner and get to know her better. You know, just talk. Talk about her hopes, her dreams, the size of tits, can she slap me in the face with them, whether she like to get titty fuck, the color of her nipples, whether they are sensitive, whether she like have them lick. Yup, it would go on for hours like this until she call the police or invited me in.

Rosie has a nice ass too but I would avoid her backside because the tattoo ruin everything back there for me. Why do hot chicks have to get those nasty tats on their back? You know in the old days chicks could communicate the fact that they are tramps without a huge unsightly tramp stamp carved in their lower back. Like what I really want to do while I am taking a chick from the back is to look at the work of a third-rate artist. She is such a hottie too but screwed up when she basically put a "for the right offer, I'll do porn" bumper sticker on her backside. She could have probably done Playboy and over paid for it, if not for those tattoos. Click on pictures to enlarge.




Rosie Jones (born July 19, 1990 in Middlesex, London, England) is an English glamour model and a Page 3 Girl.

Her modeling career has gone from strength to strength. She has regularly appeared in photo shoots for Nuts magazine, one of which can be seen by clicking the lick to the Nuts website below. Look out for more of the lovely Rosie in future issues of Nuts!

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