Lara Bingle Leaked Nude Shower Photo Scandal Down Under


A nude picture of Australian model Lara Bingle have been leaked. The leaked nude photo scandal involving the popular bikini model and a professional Aussie rules Football player has grown after it was revealed a disgraced TV reporter sold the racy pic of Lara Bingle to a popular women's magazine. She is suing her ex-boyfriend, Brendan Fevola of the Brisbane Lions, an Aussie rules Footballer, claiming he first distributed a picture of Lara Bingle nude in the shower from back when they were dating in 2006. Kings Cross nightclub owner John Ibrahim, who is close friend of Lara Bingle gave a serious warning to Brendan Fevola to stop sending the photo.The nude photograph were sent to the phones of many Australian cricket players and AFL players as well. But this invasion of Bingle's privacy must not stand. How is she supposed to maintain her career as a bikini model when people keep circulating photos of her semi-naked?LOL...

Bingle, who is now engaged to cricket star Michael Clarke, has been shown topless in the shower grimacing at the camera in a picture reportedly taken by AFL player Brendan Fevola during their fling three years ago. Bingle has, of course, previously posed topless for readers of German GQ, whose website melted down after Australian newspaper websites linked to it. But now, she doesn't want anyone to see her bare breasts while showing after having some adulterous sex with a married man. According to Woman's Day magazine, which published the image on Monday, it has been distributed among Australia's cricket and football stars for some time now. One football player confirmed: "The image is on a lot of people's phones." The Woman's Day story claimed the Fevola "passed around" the image following their secret affair. Bingle's manager Max Markson said his client had met with lawyers and decided to sue Fevola. The Sydney Morning Herald report:

Lara Bingle’s decision to sue Brendan Fevola over the distribution of a near-naked photograph of the swimwear model strikes a blow for women’s rights, says celebrity agent Max Markson.

Bingle decided yesterday to sue the controversy-plagued AFL footballer for allegedly distributing the revealing picture, taken on a mobile phone during the pair’s brief affair in 2006.

Markson confirmed Bingle will take action against the Brisbane Lions forward for breach of privacy, defamation and misuse of her image after the steamy photo appeared in this week’s Woman’s Day.

‘‘Lara was 19 when the photo was taken. It’s evident from the photo it was taken without consent, without permission and totally without taste,’’ Markson told The Age.

‘‘Taking the photo was wrong and Brendan Fevola’s decision to distribute the photo was when he broke the law,’’ said Markson.

The photograph was allegedly snapped while Bingle was in the shower and was trying to cover her body with her hand.

Markson said Fevola had behaved ‘‘like a bully’’ and in taking action Bingle was striking a blow for women’s rights.

‘‘What she’s doing is very brave. She’s stood up for herself and she’s standing up for women’s rights.

‘‘Fevola is touted as a football hero. He’s looked up to by young kids but he sends a dangerous message to our kids that this is acceptable, but it’s not acceptable.’’

Markson told radio station SEN that Bingle first heard of the photograph circulating on Sunday, and took legal action yesterday.

He said the model was ‘‘not happy obviously’’.

‘‘Nobody would be happy having someone take the picture and then distribute it, and then it’s all over the internet. It’s absolutely wrong,’’ Markson said.

He said Bingle retained all her contracts and would move past the incident.

‘‘I think she’ll be fine. She’ll go through this and then we’ll move on.’’

Woman’s Day
editor Fiona Connolly said the magazine, which has about 400,000 readers, published the photo because ‘‘it was going to come out at any point anyway’’.

She told Radio 3AW the photo had been ‘‘doing the rounds’’ among cricketers and footballers ‘‘for a long time’’, and the fact newspapers subsequently picked up the story proved it was newsworthy.

‘‘I know that it was just about to be published by newspapers and subsequently as you’ve seen it’s been published on many a website,’’ Connolly said.

She said Woman’s Day did not pay for the photo and would not disclose how the magazine obtained it.

Nicholas Pullen, a partner at TressCox lawyers, said Bingle would struggle to sue Fevola successfully unless she could prove he provided the photograph to Woman’s Day.

‘‘Bingle would have to prove [the photograph] came from Fevola and then she would have to prove when Fevola sent it off; the reasonable person would expect it to end up in Woman’s Day,’’ Mr Pullen said.

He said succeeding with a defamation claim would also be difficult.

‘‘The next step in any defamation formula is: how is it making people think less of Lara Bingle than they already do. Well, she’s coming off a low base on that one.

‘‘In the version of the photograph I have seen, it doesn’t look like you are seeing terribly much more of Lara Bingle than you have already seen.

‘‘It would be a bit different if we were looking at a photograph of the Governor-General. So I think you can pretty well safely strike defamation off.’’

Mr Pullen said a claim for misuse of the model’s image would only be relevant if the photo was used to sell something.

‘‘That only comes into play if the photograph was being used to sell toothpaste or soap, for example,’’ he said.

‘‘Misuse is a term for merchandising, commercialising one’s image. This is clearly not the case.’’

Fevola’s agent has been contacted for comment.

This story is a lot better than the one earlier this year when Lara Bingle's Aston Martin was stolen by a group of local youths who wanted to take the car for a ride. This new controversy has even attracted comment from Deputy Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard.

"It's wrong. It shouldn't happen," Ms Gillard said. "If it has happened then obviously the person responsible should take all steps necessary to apologise."

Poor Lara Bingle. First someone steals her Aston Martin, and then the guy she used to shag, reportedly behind his wife's back, turns out to be somewhat ungentlemanly. Imagine her surprise. And while you do, ask yourself when Brendan Fevola would have had the opportunity to take a nude photo of her in the shower, since they both denied having an affair at the time. So both are liars and the photo prove it! The controversial Brisbane Lions recruit, who was married during his relationship with Bingle, is yet to speak publicly on the scandal and hasn't denied taking the explicit photo. One too many lies has gotten his tongue in a knot. I wonder if his scorned wife is in fact the person behind the leaking? The photo has now been exposed just days after Lara Bingle in a public fight with fiance Michael Clarke. Only one pic was leaked from Brendan Fevola's phone so I have added several other pictures of Bingle including the topless shots from GQ Germany. I don't whats her problem with the leaked shower pic because she showed a lot more in professional modeling shoots. Thus we can safely assume that anyone who desires to see any Binglean boobage has already done so. It should be an interesting defamation hearing. Click on pictures to enlarge.

The first few topless pictures of Lara below are from GQ:

Lara Bingle with her fiance Michael Clarke, or the dude who didn't know his teammates had a nude pic of his future wife on their cellphones:

Here are some candid bikini pictures of her:




Lara Bingle (born June 5, 1987 in Yowie Bay, New South Wales, U.K.) is an Australian model who is best known for appearing on Fingal Spit in the controversial 2006 Tourism Australia advertising campaign So where the bloody hell are you?.

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