Sofia Vergara Exposed Her Body And Panties In See-Through Dress


Here is Sofia Vergara at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Evening with "Modern Family" at Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in North Hollywood. And OMG you can totally see her panties! She had a wardrobe malfunction while attending the party Wednesday night wearing a tight purple dress, when her dress became see-through under the flashbulbs of the photographers while posing. The ridiculously gorgeous 37-year-old Colombian model turn actress showed off her dangerous curves and a little bit more in her formfitting dress that left little to the imagination. It may have not been intentional, however you can easily see her thong underwear as she pose for the photographers. The "Modern Family" star was the center of attention this night wearing her ultra tight and ultra sheer outfit. At least she was wearing underwear. The dress became so transparent under the camera light she should have left the dress home and gone naked instead. I doubt she knew her dress would become completely see through from the flash bulbs. Her stylist need to be fired and then immediately rehired by Megan Fox.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any good photos of taken of her ass from the party, which I know you are all dying to see so look here, here and here and doesn't forget here (NSFW). By the end of the night, she put on a coat to hide her goodies from preying eyes. And judging by the way that Sofia is almost hiding under her coat in the last photos, I think she realized that her dress was transparent. I mean it is got to be really sheer for you to be able to see the front of her crotch and the color panties she was wearing. Luckily for us, however, is we got to see exactly what Sofia is hiding before she caught on. And really, can her dress get any tighter? Hey, I am not complaining though but I do wish the paparazzo got more shots of her backside. You would think they would know how to photograph a Latina, especially when that Latina is making it so easy by wearing a sheer dress and what appear to be thong undies. It's all about the ass! Click on pictures to enlarge.




SofĂ­a Margarita Vergara (born July 10, 1972 in Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia) is a Colombian model, actress and entrepreneur. She was raised bilingual in English and Spanish, making her transition simple from being a performer in Latin America in Spanish to becoming one in the United States in English. Dubbed "Sofia Viagra", Vergara was already rather well-known in North America from her modeling work, and her first notable acting job in English was in the movie Chasing Papi.

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