Heidi Montag Had To Undergo 10 Plastic Surgery Procedures For Her New Look


Wow, Heidi look different! Here is Heidi Montag attention whoring things up for media with her new face. Before appearing on today's Good Morning America, Heidi Montag resorted to her old attention whoring tricks by inviting the paparazzi outside her "secret hideaway" in LA yesterday. These are the first "candid" shots of Heidi since undergoing 10 reconstructive surgeries to not look like herself. She had her breast implants increased to DDDs, a brow lift, a nose job revision, lipo on her stomach, lip collagen injections and thighs and a butt augmentation, among other things. She explains her unending quest for perfection:
I was made fun of when I was younger, and so I had insecurities, especially after I moved to L.A. People said I had a "Jay Leno chin"; they'd circle it on blogs and say nasty things. It bothered me. And when I watched myself on The Hills, my ears would be sticking out likle Dumbo! I just wanted to feel more confident and look in the mirror and be like, "Whoa! That's me!" I was an ugly duckling before.

So she is after perfection. According to reports, Michael Jackson was also after perfection. I don't think she is perfect by any means but Heidi should stop with the cosmetic surgery if she is smart. But I am not holding my breath. Doesn't even look like herself anymore. She used to look obnoxious and annoying, someone you wanted to grudge fuck. But now she is unbelievably freaky.She might be Heidi 3.0 and she can change her face but she can never change the mess and insanity on the inside. Within 10 years her nose will fall off just look Jacko. Click on pictures to enlarge.

People magazine document Heidi Montag's transformation into an unrecognizable Heidi 3.0 after the second round of surgeries. The procedures Heidi had done are as follows: mini brow lift, botox in forehead and frown area, nose job revision, fat injection in cheeks, nasolabial folds and lips, chin reduction, neck liposuction, ears pinned back, breast augmentation revision, liposuction on waist, hips and inner and outer thighs and buttock augmentation.




Heidi Montag (born September 15, 1986 in Crested Butte, Colorado) is an American reality television celebrity best known for appearing on the MTV reality television series The Hills. Montag is also an aspiring singer. www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com

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