Karly Ashworth Accuses Ex-Boyfriend Kenneth Tong Of Leaking Her Naked Pictures, More UK Big Brother Leaked Nude Photos


UK Big Brother 10 star and FHM glamour model Karly Ashworth has accused her ex-boyfriend Kenneth Tong of posting nude photos of her online. Both Karly and "millionaire" Kenneth appeared on the Channel 4 reality show last summer, but recently ended their relationship. Then several naked pictures of the 21-year-old model was leaked via a link on her former boyfriend's Twitter page. Karly said the nude images were "private photos" and not meant for mass distribution. She also said the photos were published right after she had rejected Kenneth's pleas to take him back. Karly claimed that Kenneth must have been involved in leaking the photos, which appeared shortly after she ended their romance which was started on Big Brother. The reality TV star has made a formal complaint to Fife police, who confirmed that they were investigating the matter. So Karly is mad as hell and she is not holding back. She is setting the record straight and has revealed details of her ex-lover's shocking criminal activities in an interview with the Daily Record:

The Big Brother pal of Rangers goalie Allan McGregor is facing a second police sex probe.

Kenneth Tong, 24, was reported by his ex-girlfriend Karly Ashworth, 21, after nude pictures of her appeared on the internet.

Wannabe model Karly, who also appeared on BB last year, said they were posted at the weekend after she finished her on-off relationship with Tong.

Karly confirmed last night that she has made a formal complaint to police in Fife.

She added: "I'm not sure if this will be regarded as a civil or a criminal matter. Either way, I won't be letting it drop.

"I am torn apart - I can't believe someone I used to love would do this to me. Kenneth took the photos and it is difficult to think how they might have got on the internet without him being involved."

It is the second time Tong has been reported to police in less than a fortnight. He, McGregor and St Johnstone player Filipe Morais are at the centre of a sexual assault investigation after a mum-of-two reported an alleged incident in Glasgow at the end of last year.

The three are expected to be quizzed over the next few days in connection with that case.

Now Tong faces further questions over the four lurid images of Karly.

Shocked Furious Karly, of Methilhill, Fife, claims Tong is directing people to the snaps from his Twitter page.

She said: "No woman deserves to put up with something like this.

"These were private photos and I was shocked and devastated when I realised they had been posted on the net.

"I can't believe that anyone would go so low as to do this."

Karly said the photos were published after she had rejected Tong's pleas to take him back. The four images were distributed via an email which bears her name but which she has nothing to do with.

On Tong's Twitter page, which he recently made private, a link was posted to the site bearing the nude photos, under the caption "lost for words".

The site where the photos are posted lists a K Tong, of Edinburgh, as a contact.

The email used in the transaction that set up the page was karly@karlyashworth.com, the same email that sent the photos to magazine and newspaper offices.

Karly said: "I had a magazine photo shoot organised and I've just found out that they were sent the naked photos, so I'm worried that will scupper the modelling work.

"The other night he was calling me all the time but I can't go back with him.

"In the end, I just turned my phone off. He didn't like that."

Karly said she had been shocked last week to read of the sex allegations made against Tong and his footballer friends. All three strenuously deny the claims and McGregor says he is the victim of blackmail.

The trio believe mobile phone footage taken that night will be the key to clearing them.

Karly said: "Kenneth and I were together as a couple at that time and I'd be disgusted if there was any filming of any sexual incident, whether it was consensual or not.

"I had a terrible time in the relationship and I would like to warn any unsuspecting women out there to avoid this man."

On Big Brother, Karly was one of the original contestants and Tong was a surprise entrant.

But his entrance coincided with his girlfriend's eviction and he only lasted a short time before escaping the house.

When the Record called Tong last night to ask about the nude photos, he said he would call back but failed to do so.

Police in Fife confirmed they were investigating.

Finally, real leaked nude pictures. And not just some cheap stupid publicity stunt. I kinda feel story for Karly but yet I am happy to see he muff. I hate being conflicted on such meaningless things. One thing I am 100% sure of is the girls in this crazy guys future. The next girl to date this Kenneth Tong will be a stupid moron who will deserve whatever evil shit he does to her. Anyway, I guess there are no more murders, rapes or robberies in Scotland to eat up the limited time of the Fife Police. Why would the people of Fife would want the police to waste time on crimes like murder and rape when they could be investigating more important matters like leaked nude pictures of a FHM model from a television show. Hopefully they have plenty of lotion at the station to handle this matter.

I had really no idea who Karly Ashworth was until about 10 minutes ago. But apparently she is some chick from Scotland and she is decently hot enough, so here are the nude pictures of her that were leaked recently. Lets keep our fingers cross that her asshole boyfriend made a few videos he is willing to share. And hopefully he can upload his collection of her to the Internet before Scotland Yard (I know it is not in Scotland but I m working on a joke here) or MI5 get a chance to take him into custody. LOL... Click on pictures to enlarge.

Here is Kenneth Tong:

The couple in happier days:

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Karly Louise Ashworth (born April 14, 1988 in Methilhill, Fife, Scotland) is a UK Big Brother 10 contestant and part-time glamour model who has been featured as one of FHM magazine's High Street Honeys. She describes herself as a massive flirt and states that her proudest moment was being given a place at Dundee University (but she left after 3 weeks). www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com

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