Twin Sisters Karissa And Kristina Shannon Moving Out Of The Playboy Mansion


Hugh Hefner dumped his skanky twin girlfriends, Karissa and Kristina Shannon. I wonder who Hef is going to get to pick up his medical marijuana now? Guess Hef was tired of being a cuckold old man (because you just know those sluts were also fucking younger dudes their age bring creampies back to the mansion) or the girls got too old after turning 20-year-old last year. The incestuous (see joint nude pics below) Shannon twins are moving out of the main mansion and will make the playmate house their residence instead. Hefner confirmed that the twins are moving out of the Playboy Mansion and relocating all the way across the yard. the magazine magnate Tweeted:

“The Shannon Twins are growing up. They’re moving to the Playmate House with my blessing so they will be free to do other things.”

And by "free to do other things," I think he mean free to bang other dudes. Hugh Hefner can cut back on his Viagra prescription now that the twins are moving out of the mansion. The poor guy only has one girlfriend left that is young enough to be his granddaughter. How's an 83-year-old man supposed to manage? Fortunately, things between the Playboy founder and 23-year Crystal Harris couldn't be better. An unidentified source told OK!:
"You have to consider that these girls are only 20 years old. The twins were there for the ride. They just care about themselves."

Hefner said he initially suggested the move, which is expected to be within the next couple of weeks, and that Kristina and Karissa will now be “friends” as opposed to having the official title of "girlfriends." One of the reasons — and possibly a clear indicator — for the twins’ departure from the famous Holmby Hills home was their relationship to the 83-year-old nudie magazine mogul.

According to the source, “it was not a secret the twins were sleeping around” while living under Hef’s roof.

LOL... "According to the source, 'it was not a secret the twins were sleeping around' while living under Hef’s roof." Nooooo way... Why can't love prevail in our modern world ? It was such a nice story of two young, fine maidens falling in love with an old and venerable rich man. That's so sad. I knew this relationship was doomed to fail once the twins got their learner's permits. I've found that once a girl can legally drive, she just gets all independent on you. Yeah, like what the hell is up with that? Morale of this story is nobody wants to have sex with a 83-year-old STD War veteran. Not even two of the most gold digging skanky whores in Hollywood. Anyway, here is Hugh Hefner and the Shannon twins outside Kress nightclub in West Hollywood last October before things went south. Click on pictures to enlarge.

And of cousre lots of nude pics:



and Kristina Shannon (born October 2, 1989 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States) are twins who both are some of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends. They have also appeared on The Girls Next Door.

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