Snooki And The Rest Of The Jersey Shore Cast Were Partying Hard At Club Greenhouse


Want to see something disgusting? Snooki was seen kissing a dude and showing her crotch to anyone who dared to look. Keeping it classy as always while displaying a bit too much. The entire Jersey Shore cast was spotted partying it up in New York City last night, and our favorite nasty slut Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was getting it on with some random sweaty dude she just met at Karma, her short tight skirt hiked up so you could see her lady parts. It is just like her to make out with some random dude with her fat ass hanging out, hopefully that wet spot on the guy's pants wasn't her doing. The guy's pants was covered with wet spots. Snooki was in the good company of the other whores from Jersey Shore in Downtown Manhattan for a sex-charged night of dancing and drinks. Anyway, they took it up a notch to at the eco-friendly club Greenhouse. Click on pictures to enlarge.




Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (born 1988 in Marlboro, New York, United States) is most famous for being a part of the MTV reality television series Jersey Shore. Nicole "Snooki" is a self proclaimed "guidette" from Marlboro, New York outside of Poughkeepsie and an aspiring veterinary technician. She describes her ideal man as one who fits the guido stereotype and enters the experience hoping to meet the man of her dreams. She is the center of controversy when a man punches her in her face during a bar confrontation.

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