Pictures The Of Infamous Sentosa Siloso Beach Party 'Girl' Causing Another Scandal


Here are some pictures of the "girl" at the center of attention in the Sentosa Siloso Beach New Year's Countdown video scandal. The video clip that start circulating on Youtube depicting a young woman being groped by a few horny men at the Siloso Beach Countdown on 31 December 2009 has caused massive outrage among Singaporean. In less than a day after it was uploaded, it gathered more than 50,000 views before it was removed. The clip which was posted on Youtube several more times and again removed each time but a censored version (uncensored version can be found here) can still be seen on Youtube. It showed a girl in her twenties scantily clad in only her bra and panties (not a bikini) dancing on a platform to the tune of the background music with four men surrounding her. The incident in the circulating video fell short of a gang-rape but it was heading in that direction. The incident took place on a stage in front of a crowd with many onlookers filming and taking photographs of the incident. She appeared to be enjoying the attention at first and she was smiling while being touched by multiple men simultaneously.

Things got a bit rough in the later part of the 27 second clip when the four men on the platform and several others off stage try to rip her bra and panties off to touch her breasts and other private parts. Some say she deserved it for wearing lingerie to a beach party. Some say the people at the party were cowards for not trying to help her. Some say she is an attention whore and at one time, she even flashed her buttocks to those party goers. Some say she makes sexy moves and therefore, couldn't blame those "action" taken on her. Some say she did not defend herself and seem to be enjoying herself. Some say she was a he. Yup, there are rumors going around that the "girl" in the Siloso Beach Countdown Party 2010 Public Molestation Video is a transsexual or transvestite from (guess where?) Thailand. But the public still seem to think molestation is a crime in Singapore regardless whether the victim is a woman, a man or a transvestite. It could be true or the perpetrators in the video are trying to start a Lady Gaga style "she has a penis" campaign against the "girl" so that the police wouldn't coming knocking. I just don't know so I let you guys decide for yourself. But it does make you wonder in the fourth picture below if she was masturbating on stage or if he was trying to stuff his penis back in his crack. LOL... Can't criticize Singapore for being a boring place anymore. Click on pictures to enlarge.

The girl above is being reported as the girl in the video. And they are rumors or claims that the girl above is a transsexual or transvestite. But there is evidence that the "girl" (or should I say "person") above is not the girl being molested in the video.

If the rumor is true, I bet those guys had no clue they were molesting a tranny. LOL...

But as you can see below, there was another girl (if not two more) in the pictures in similarly lingerie. According to the rumors, the girl with the devil's horn is the transvestite but it may have been the other girl in the similar bra and panties in the Siloso Beach Countdown Party 2009 Public Molestation Video. In the video clip it can clearly be seen that the "victim" is not wearing the horns. And as you can see in the comparison below, they have completely different hairstyles. The videos and pictures could have been taken an hour apart after each other so "she" could have remove the horns and tied up "her" hair to really get down at the party. But as you can see, several people were being "molested" and/or masturbating on the stage.

Or it could be all the girls at that party were of questionable gender. And the guys were molesting all of them. I am just saying...



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